I am an versatile Director | creative.  To date Produced / Directed projects for  Twinings, King, Not on the high street  and Topshop. Whilst working on these projects I demonstrated the ability to create compelling content whilst hitting tight dead lines.



I started off working in screen printing, an interesting process that combines science and art. Something that requires a combination of patience, an eye for beauty and a practiced hand. Through this I have also developed a thick skin for when things go wrong, as no print is perfect. 

I've carried these skills over to photography / film. Over the past 7 years I have worked as a freelancer and throughout, I have developed a strong foundation in composition, lighting, movement and editing.

One advantage of being a freelancer is that I have developed all overall skill in filmmaking/photography. I am adept in Camera Operating / Producing / Directing / Editing.

For business enquiries : Hey@bobieh.com | 07947279123

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